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I create compelling stories using language familiar to the general public to help you engage your audience.

I’m an award-winning writer and journalist specializing in science and travel content for publications, companies, government agencies, and higher education. Whether it’s feature articles, profile stories, or web content, I have the experience to take an assignment from start to finish and deliver clean, accurate copy.

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I’m responsive and I consistently meet deadlines.


I’m committed to error-free and accurate content.


With my 20+ years of experience, no handholding required.


I’m friendly and enthusiastic about each project I work on.
Laurie is excellent at getting the science right and keeping the story engaging. She has a good perspective on what the educated public finds interesting and how to get the “adventure” part of the scientific enterprise into a report. 
Ted Scambos
Research Scientist, CIRES Earth Science and Observation Center

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